As a head of a school which is in its young stage, it is a matter of great pride and honor for me to be the founding Principal here at R.K. International School. R.K. International School has, in a short span of time, grown and developed as an institution where students are taught subjects along with their implementations in real life, where talent is nurtured, average is risen to excellence and every face smiles with twinkling eyes filled with knowledge. True education cannot be taught by books but it’s gained with experience and time.

I firmly believe that to enable students with education, we must at first give them wings to fly high. In freedom lies the true spirit of learning. We must help our students think out of the box and choose the road less travelled. We see our success as a reflection in our students and therefore, our efforts are to make them academically sound, physically fit, mentally alert and personality wise well-groomed and nourished.

We keep working on various projects with British Council of India and Rotary Club Mandi, to give the students a much needed exposure to the globally acclaimed educational values. We aim to teach the students the values which go beyond the classrooms walls and teach larger than life lessons.