R.K. International School is an institution where excellence is nurtured, morals are valued and education is passed on in terms of life at large. We teach our students important life lessons which go way beyond the books, and inculcate in them values which will stand by them as their pillars of strength for the life to come. Based in a rural setup, we bring home the advanced ways of learning, sophisticated technologies of teaching and a world class educational set up to help our students imbibe the best of the whole world through his/her learning spree at RKIS.

We ensure that each year we progress by embracing new technologies, welcoming fresh teaching strategies and introducing the latest in the educational world to our children to help them become world class citizens.

Our Motto ‘Shreyansham Aapnuhi’ rightly signifies how essential it is to win ourselves first rather than looking at others and waiting for them to go ahead. We learn by setting our own examples, by creating our own benchmarks and surpassing them every single day.