Open Air Stage

The children are given ample opportunities to perform on stage. Along with building their confidence, it also helps in language development. Language skills including English conversation are enhanced. The various programmes expose children to our rich cultural heritage and also support the themes being done in class.

Multi Purpose Hall

The school has a 500 seat multi-purpose hall which caters to all kinds of activities associated with the school.

Activity Room

Activity room is a happening centre in the school. The room provides a creative environment. Pupils are involved amidst variety of activities under the close supervision of expert teachers.It focuses upon facilitating enhancement of thinking skills, while corelating creativity with intelligence and reasoning as well.

Dance Room

Choreography and creating visual images with the help of vocal and instrumental support, happens to be one of the interesting features of school co-curricular activities. This room is decked with latest Audio visual aid to promote dance practice among the school students.

Music Room

Music has a universal appeal. It mesmerizes both the performer and listener and delivers unique experience to all concerned .It is one of the key programmes that contribute itself successfully in the day today classroom curriculum of the school.

Art Room

Art is a way of expression and in this exclusively designed art room, students paint their dreams and imagination with the help of their drawing instructor.