At RKIS, we have designed the Foundation Stage curriculum as per the age specific learning goals and we keep adding innovative ideas to keep in pace with the educational trends and the ever evolving needs of the children. We have adopted a well designed and corrigible approach to foster learning across the curriculum, wherein a great emphasis is laid on developing key life skills. This way our curriculum focused on different areas of learning, to facilitate the children to develop at their own pace through differentiated and collaborative learning. Our teaching methods are child centered, play way oriented and enhance the individual personality of every child. Our firm belief is that a child has to be happy inside first to enable the learning methods get imbibed by him/her easily and thus, our curriculum is designed as such that every child is given an opportunity to play, learn and explore. Thus, we enable active learning in our children and thus, they think creatively and freely.

Our curriculum is associated with the most sophisticated smart class system where technology makes learning an amazing audio visual experience for the children. Apart from this, the teachers encourage the students to apply the learned theory to their life and thus, design, innovate and learn through experiments. They are encouraged to think out of the box and explore and enliven their interest by exposing them to the vast array of scientific array. We have also integrated various other learning approaches and methods in our curriculum to match the Internationals standards as well. The curriculum framework gives a detailed view of the concepts that are being covered in all the seven areas of teaching:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Physical Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Art and design

Areas like Personal & Social Development, Art & Design are integrated in the main areas like Literacy, Mathematics and Understanding the World.


The learning will include:

  • Communication, Language & Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Physical and Emotional Development
  • Music & Creative Art


At the primary level, we emphasize on building a strong and sturdy foundation by facilitating the learning of the essential concepts of each subject and thus, pave the way to better understanding in the classes ahead. Our major focus is on learning the basics of English and strengthening spoken English so that they are able to understand other subjects as well. Other than classroom learning, we insist that every student participates in the various co curricular activities to enhance their confidence and build up their self esteem.


In the Middle and Secondary section, we encourage our students to reflect on their own learning methods and become independent learners. While they gain self-belief and confidence through these methods, they also grow up to be strong decision makers so that they can pave their own way to succeed in various arenas. We also encourage our young learners to carry out research and to consolidate their knowledge and skills on various levels.


At the Senior Secondary level, students can choose subjects from any stream Science, and Commerce. Selection depends not only in their performance in IX and X classes but also on their aptitudes and interests, for which they are provided proper counseling at various time periods throughout their tenth class and ninth class.
The medium of instruction in our school is English. Sports, Music, Fine Arts and Performing Arts form an essential part of the curriculum at all levels.