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    R K International School, Nabahi-Sarkaghat

Why Academics is important?

We believe that students and teachers work well in a school culture where academic success and the motivation to learn is expected, respected and rewarded.
Such an atmosphere where students learn to love learning for learning's sake, results in better academic achievement. Our aim is to provide environment where education, training and personality development of children who are a community’s future assets are nurtured and supported by proper training methods, appropriate physical space and favorable psychological environment.

How we do it?

  • Foster a supportive environment that promotes strong relationships among staff, students, and families
  • Implement meaningful, engaging instructional practices that develop students’ ability to manage their own learning
  • Develop habits, skills, and mindsets that build students’ social, emotional, and academic competence
  • Create an integrated system of school supports that includes extended learning opportunities and community partnerships

Senior Secondary (11th to 12th)

Examination results matter. We understand this, and encourage all our studnents to aspire to academic excellence. Our record in enabling boys to achieve the qualifications they need to access the best universities across the globe speaks for itself.

The RKIS’s learning experience is designed to encompass both depth and breadth. Built upon strong foundations and supported by the extensive co-curriculum and strong individual care, the developing individual is taken out into the wider world locally, nationally and globally.

rkis senior secondary best
rkis senior secondary best
rkis senior secondary best

Our focus remains, therefore, upon developing the individual in the fullest possible sense. In terms of academic development, this means focusing upon the quality of learning recognising the needs of the time in which they live and encouraging an enquiring mind that loves learning for learning’s sake.

Education forever changes, and not just the examination curriculum. We are now in a digital world of instant and mobile connectivity, dominated by information and data. There are exciting opportunities for a new pedagogy. There are new and different challenges. Our task is to develop and deliver a curriculum in a way that is relevant to today’s teenagers, but without jettisoning what we value so highly from the past. Our current wide-ranging CBSE programme is a very good preparation for the competitive and fast changing world outside.

Why not take the next step - come and visit us to find out for yourself why RKIS is such a special place."

What Makes Us Different

We are determined to retain the full variety of academic subjects, supported by our three core themes (researching, questioning and communicating), and the ‘real’ learning that is essential in CBSE, competitive exams and life. We broadly welcome the changes to A Levels and the opportunity to study subjects in more depth with less focus upon modular examinations.

The teachers here are always trying to work out how to bring out the best in you.

Why not take the next step - come and visit us to find out for yourself why RKIS is such a special place."

You Should Know

We are extremely proud of our exam results and our value added scores, which show each student achieving excellent results for them. Our standard 11 and 12 curriculum is designed to meet the academic, personal and cultural needs of our students and better equip them for future challenges, while at the same time creating enjoyable learning environments that inspire and motivate. Students begin to select courses that appeal to them and follow a broad range of subjects that prepare them for success both in and out of the classroom. Alongside examined subjects, students follow courses designed to develop them as individuals, This curriculum creates young adults not only with strong academic credentials but who are also well rounded individuals ready for the next stage of their learning.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Margaret Mead

Strive for Excellence

We Play, We learn, We Grow