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    R K International School, Nabahi-Sarkaghat

Why Academics is important?

We believe that students and teachers work well in a school culture where academic success and the motivation to learn is expected, respected and rewarded.
Such an atmosphere where students learn to love learning for learning's sake, results in better academic achievement. Our aim is to provide environment where education, training and personality development of children who are a community’s future assets are nurtured and supported by proper training methods, appropriate physical space and favorable psychological environment.

How we do it?

  • Foster a supportive environment that promotes strong relationships among staff, students, and families
  • Implement meaningful, engaging instructional practices that develop students’ ability to manage their own learning
  • Develop habits, skills, and mindsets that build students’ social, emotional, and academic competence
  • Create an integrated system of school Create an integrated system of school supports that includes extended learning opportunities and community partnerships

Primary School (1st to 5th)

Our job, in partnership with parents, is to build the foundations for a successful education, to enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them to fulfil every aspect of their potential and to encourage their growth into effective and confident citizens, ready to play their part in the world and their community.

We work hard to ensure that every child is successful in the key areas of English and Maths and we are keen to see this recognised in the results they secure. However, we also want them to learn and experience more than this through a varied curriculum and a range of extra-curricular and after-school opportunities that complement our work in the classroom and our commitment to global education. We value each child as an individual and aim to provide the opportunities for pupils to excel in areas where they have a special talent whether this is in science, in sport, in drama, in art, in music or through involvement in our school council or our debate team.

rkis primary best
rkis primary best
rkis primary best

Underpinned by our school values, we provide a wide range of opportunities to enrich learning, both during the school day and beyond. Whether our children join the school with English as their home language, or whether they learn the English language for the first time, we ensure they are all provided with the teaching and nurture they need. Our aim is to help all children to become independent, resilient learners who relish new experiences and challenges.

At RKIS early reading is embedded using synthetic phonics in primary classes. We use the highly successful phonics programme, to teach our children to read, write and spell.

Why not take the next step - come and visit us to find out for yourself why RKIS is such a special place."

What Makes Us Different

RKIS Primary is a school where individuals are valued and helped to achieve their personal best.  Children are supported in becoming confident and independent young people, who thrive on challenge, and are motivated to learn.

  All schools have their own distinctive ‘feel’ which makes each one unique. We believe that the ‘special feel’ at RKIS comes from our caring, supportive and friendly environment.

I am extremely proud to lead a team that is committed to children's well-being, achieving high standards and providing the very best opportunities for all in our care.  Staff, supported by tutors, work hard to deliver a rich and challenging curriculum; to prepare children for future education; and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to embrace the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

You Should Know

As school leaders we have a statutory duty to promote high standards. As such, we monitor the performance of the School’s work and challenge ourselves to achieve the highest possible standards and quality of education. We build on our strengths and intervene where improvement is needed, accessing appropriate support so that this can be secured

Rigorous, systematic ongoing self-evaluation is the key to raising achievement and to securing continuing school improvement. Identifying ‘Where we are now’ and ‘What needs to be done to take forward our priorities’ determines targets and actions for school improvement. In formulating the Plan, evidence in answer to the following key questions are evaluated.

  • What is important in our learning community?
  • Do we actually do what we say we do?
  • Could we be doing it better?
  • Did we achieve our aims last year?
  • What might be the next steps to take us forward?
  • What should be our aims for the year ahead?

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Margaret Mead

Strive for Excellence

We Play, We learn, We Grow