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    R K International School, Nabahi-Sarkaghat

RKIS Curriculum

Our aim is to engage our children in an exciting and motivating curriculum that provides the experiences they need to develop skills, concepts and knowledge. A global perspective throughout the curriculum will empower them for their lives today and in the future. Our needs -based curriculum is designed wihtin the broad parameters set by CBSE to provide memorable learning experiences that build on the characteristics of effective learning.

Underpinned by our school values, we provide a wide range of opportunities to enrich learning, both during the school day and beyond. Whether our children join the school with English as their home language, or whether they learn the English language for the first time, we ensure they are all provided with the teaching and nurture they need. Our aim is to help all children to become independent, resilient learners who relish new experiences and challenges.




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Early Reading

Our Early Years curriculum ensures a strong foundation for learning, with our youngest learners given ample opportunity to learn through play, whilst developing important literacy and numeracy skills to ensure that they are able to thrive in all areas of school life.
At RKIS early reading is embedded using synthetic phonics in LKG and UKG. We use the highly successful phonics programme, to teach our children to read, write and spell.

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WWe follow a book based approach for the teaching of English. Careful selection of rich and diverse texts develop children’s love of reading and writing. The use of high quality texts equip our children with the necessary speaking and listening, reading and writing skills for school and later life.

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WWe follow the evidence-based Teaching for Mastery approach which deepens children’s understanding of concepts alongside procedures. Through coherent small steps and the use of concrete resources and drawings children are better able to understand how and why maths works. This deeper understanding ensures strong foundations are built before moving on, which is crucial for success in a spiral curriculum model. Lessons are designed to encourage all children to solve problems, explain their thinking and work with others. There are also opportunities to look for patterns, make links between ideas (both within maths and across other subjects) and develop their curiosity about the subject.

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The Primary Curriculum

Focused on celebrating diversity, valuing uniqueness and supporting students to become the best version of themselves, the RKIS primary curriculum is at the heart of our school’s purpose and core values.

At RKIS we recognise that improving educational outcomes is the biggest way we can positively impact our students’ futures, and by developing students to be reflective, lifelong learners, they will learn the skills to be successful in a future which is yet to be determined. Thus, we aspire to have a curriculum that is ‘future proof’. This means preparing our young people for a rapidly changing world by providing a holistic and personalised curriculum which instills in them a global perspective.

Social Emotional and Intercultural learning form the bedrock of the RKIS curriculum so that we can ensure that every student, parent and staff member experience a strong sense of belonging and feel valued as a member of the vibrant RKIS community.

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Middle School Curriculum

We offer a rigorous curriculum with a strong foundation, yet an international approach. In middle school, we combine outstanding academic support that compliments excellence across the curriculum to ensure that all students receive special care that improves their wellbeing and resilience, enabling them to achieve their best. We know that when students feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment, they will achieve better outcomes.

Olympiads, music and games are part of the curriculum which gives RKIANS an edge.


Home/Remote Learning

We have used Microsoft teams for remote learning during the Pandemic which is one of the best platforms available for education throughout the world. It has served us well and beyond our means. In future also we will be using this as a means of hybrid learning.

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Online Safety

We are using Microsoft teams as a means for online education. It is safest and has one of the most stringent rules for account access. We take online safety of our children seriously and carry out trainings and webinars for our teachers and students at regular intervals.