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    R K International School, Nabahi-Sarkaghat

Preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow

Words from our Principal

Welcome to R K International School. We are proud of the holistically shaped programme we offer to our students, bringing first-class teaching and learning, academic mentoring, pastoral care and wider learning opportunities and skill to all our students. Our students experience rich and authentic learning experiences to help cultivate innate talents and provide opportunities to pursue interests and passions, both inside and outside of the classroom, and strive for excellence; all in the spirit of respect, integrity, and well-being.

About Us

Transforming life through education

RKIS was founded in the year 2013 with the sole aim of delivering brilliance in education. Since then we have got overwhelming support from the parents.We believe in shaping the school around the child, where excellence in teaching and coaching comes together with the child at the centre. Our aim is to help each child in discovering their own brilliance.

Within a short span of 9 years RKIS has become the favorite school of students and parents alike. We aspire to be the best school in Himachal Pradesh by preparing our student for the skills of future. We are on the path of achieving this by providing best of the teachers, facilities and opportunities.

We've Reputation for Excellence

investing in future

Guided by Commitment

Brilliant Teachers

Our Values

We instill and expect that all the Rkians are following, adhering, and imbibing these core values honestly and strictly.

  • Kindness and compassion.
  • Accountability to our actions.
  • Respect towards everyone.
  • Passion for Excellence.
  • Integrity and trust.

  • By 2024 we aim to be a well established institution of Excellence, steered by our experienced and dedicated teachers and supported by brilliant and hardworking children.
  • Rkians are thriving and flourishing in every field and raising its standard substantially every day by laying a first class foundation through a child centric ambience and high quality education.

  • To inspire children to be passionate about inquisitive, innovative and skill based learning.
  • Realizing our school motto "Strive for Excellence " will empower our teachers and students to reach their full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, and morally.
  • We will stress on the inclusiveness of every soul associated with RKIS "to be the best we can be and achieve great things together ".

Strive for Excellence

What makes a RKIAN

RKIS academics best


Reuslts of excellence

RKIS arts

Arts and Music

it is devotion

RKIS music and dance


Live yourself

RKIS best sports


challenge your limits

RKIS rotary club best

Rotary Club

Serve your community

RKIS nss best


Help to save your environment

Karate rkis


Be a worthy fighter

theatre rkis best


All world is a stage

academics rkis best


Results of excellence

rkis sports best 1


Challenge yourself



It is devotion

sports rkis best


Champions are made

RKIANS are special

This makes us so

rkis academics


9 years of excellence in preparing children

rkis music


Flourishing Musical environment with right opportunities

rkis debate

Debates and Declamations

We understand that our children are future leaders and they need to be prepared.

rkis sports


We understand our children need to be team players to succeed in this hyper connected world.

rkis dance


We understand that our chilren are talented and it needs to be nurtured.

rkis adventure


We understand that nature challenges us and challenges make winners.

rkis theatre


We understand that our children will go to places and they need grooming.

rkis rotary

Rotary Club

We understand that serving society develops responsible citizens.

Students Achievements

Excellence in action